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I really believe that sexism and gender influences are all over in our day-to-day lives.  It’s impossible to escape and sometimes it sheds a negative light on one gender or another. And sometimes certain things are just over analyzed and turned into a bad thing.

 I chose a blog posting by Katie E from The Fbomb has blogs pertaining to women in areas like politics, news and feminism.  The blog I chose was a brief analysis of the song, “Extraterrestrial” by Katie Perry featuring Kanye West.  This song is essentially about a love affair so great that it can only be explained by the supernatural and portrays the male lover as an extraterrestrial or alien. However, some see the lyrics to be offensive and make light of the term “victim”. Katie E says that the lyrics convey that the woman character in the song wants to be a victim to a so-called “rape fantasy”. She says the lyrics to that song as well as “S&M” by Riannah promotes violence towards women and the image that women are nothing more but for the sexual pleasure of men.

Katie E of The Fbomb also adds that women like Katy Perry and Riannah are role models to young girls and  should think about what kind of music they’re putting out there.  Although Katy Perry has said she has no intention of being a role model, she most certainly is by default.  Once you go into the public eye, some people are going to look up to you, especially young girls.  Is this the image of women we want our young girls to see? Although we may tell our children, especially young girls about what we think is right and wrong, media and pop-culture like this song may be giving a message contrary ours. In addition, the author of this post points out the irony of Riannah’s song “S&M” due to the somewhat recent beating she took from ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.  You would think she of all-stars who are role models would be an advocate against violence. 

On the other hand, this article could be taking the lyrics of this catchy pop song and analyzing them too much. it may also be possible that the author of this article is pointing the finger at the wrong people. What about the people who wrote this song? How much blame can we put on them? In any case, the lyrics are out there for people’s interpretation, guidance or just to sing along to while driving home from work.

-Brittany Polacek