One of my favorite tv shows is the hit series Two and a Half Men.  I believe Charlie Sheen played a terrific role in the original version and helped to make the show what it has become today.  It will be interesting to see if it was Charlie to make the show or if it was the show writers that made the show so good as Ashton takes over as the main character.  However, this show is very sexist towards women and that might be why it is such a large hit with Americans.  In every episode you can find numerous parts where women are being treated with a sexist attitude or interpertation. Two and a Half Men show women in three different ways: for pleasure, for work and for a pain in the butt.

Women are shown as a use for pleasure in many ways durning an episode.  Charlie is constantly hooking up or looking to hook up with women after women after women.  To Charlie women are used for pleasure.  All of the women that Charlie hooks up with are pretty and most of them are not the smartest tool in the shed.  To someone watching the show, such as a young kid this could show the kid that women are all dumb and are all used to hook up with for your pleasure.  Charlie doesn’t want to spend time with the women that he hooks up with and he expects them to leave in the morning otherwise he thinks there is a problem and starts to panick.  They are simply there when he needs them and gone when he doesn’t need them.

Next, women are show as workers in the series.  Charlie or any of the other males in the house ever do any house work or make any food, that is why they have Berta.  Berta does all the cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping and anything else that the males need her for.  Charlie expects berta to do all of the work and thinks that that is what she is there to do for him.  Her only job is too keep the house clean and make food for everyone.

Women are also treated as a source of pain for men.  A great example for this is Allen’s exwife.  Whenever she is brought into the story she is treated as a pain and nothing good is going to come out of talking to her.  Allen never wants to talk to her or see her and when he does see her she is yelling and screaming at either Allen or Charlie.  Allen is constantly complaining showing that he doesn’t want to see her or talk to her.

All of these examples are from the old Two and a Half men when Charlie Sheen was the main character.  As the new series starts it will be interesting to watch and see if it was charlie who brought the sexism to the show or if it is the show itself.  I believe that it is the show that brings the sexism and Charlie was its source to comedically show the sexism.

-Matt Zangl