Women in pop culture are not always portrayed as a negative figure or giving a sexual imagine.  There are tv shows that the main character is a women and she has a repectable position with a lot of power.  In many shows the supporting actor is a women and she is their to be the smart and rationale person.  These shows show women as smart, mature and intelligent people.

In the TV show The Mentalist, the main character, Patrick Jane, is a male who can read other peoples minds based on there reactions to questions that he asks.  He uses his powers to help solve murders.  One of the supporting actors, Lisben, is a female and she solves the murders by hard work and clues like any cop would do.  She is more of a logical thinker and a more rational person.  Patrick has problems listening to authority people and Lisben has to keep him in line.  Lisben is also the agent in charge of a group of cops and has a lot of power over the people she works with.  She intructs the agents in what to do each day.  She represents women in a positive way by taking control of a group of people and watching over Patrick.  This seems to be a common theme in criminal shows.  There is often a female in high standing power.  She is portrayed as a smart individual with a logical thinking.

Two Broke Girls is another show that the main characters are both women.  Max, one of the main characters, once was a rich daughter of a very power and rich man.  After Max and her family lose all of thier money, Max is forced to moved out and find her own income and her own home.  She finds a job serving tables at a local diner and meets the other main character Caroline. Caroline lives by herself and invites Max to live with her. The two decided that inored to make money they will open a new business making cup cakes.  This show shows how to women can come together and form a strong relationship and help each other out.  It shows how generous Max is to invite Caroline to live with her when she had no where else to live with no money.  Max also helps Caroline by teaching her how to wait on tables and how to be nice to the costumers.  Caroline helps Max by sticking up for Max when people are mean to her or take advantage of her.  It also show that if the two women stick to there plan and keep trying that at some point there plan will come true.  They are trying to open a cup cake business but keep facing problems.  Max wants to quit and go back to how she was living life but Caroline wont let her. Caroling makes sure that Max sticks to the plan and gives her the support she needs to keep going in order to meet their goal of opening their own business.

Matt Zangl