Have you noticed that all the advertising invovles beautiful women?  Every advertisement that you see involves at least one beautiful women.  Well, beautiful is the key word here.  Are they beautiful?  Yes, they are skinny and have perfect hair and perfect make up and the way too white smile to be real.  Why do advertising firms feel the need to make women so fake when the advertise their products.  They are advertise to the average person so why don’t they make their model an average person, an average women or man.  Everyone knows that the model just had numerous hours of hair and make up before they even got close to the camera so why do they still dress the model up.  Why make the model look so perfect when everyone knows that she has been touched up by a digital program from a computer?

Advertisements can be very diceiving.  Ads portray who we want to be or who the advertiser wants us to be.  Even though we know that most of the time the models apperance is out of reach from us, but yet we still buy the product hoping we will in return turn out like the model.  Advertisements are very popular and are very successful.  When you look around you will realize how many advertisements there are in you everyday life.  They are on TV, in the magazine you are reading, on billboards, on signs and even on the bus that drives by you when you are no your way to class.  They are part of you daily lives.  Most of the time we dont reconize the advertisments untill we pay attention.

As winter becomes close, one of my favorite sports comes to life: Snowmobiling.  Snowmobiling is a sport that takes place in the winter, I know that is pretty obvious to most of you.  However, even in a sport that takes place in the winter, when people wear as much clothing as possible, there are still advertisements with bikini wearing women.  Why does the advertiser do this? The advertiser does this to appeal to men.  They think that since there is a half nake lady modeling for their product that men will automatically buy it.  Does it work? It might, I know it is hard to believe but there are men out there who think “Oh look, theres half naked lady on that product so I should buy it!” However, not all men are like this and actually buy the product for the product.  Wow, what a concept, buying a product for a product and not for the person who is holding the product in a poster that you are looking at.  One of the many companies that does this is Amsoil.  They are a company that makes oil products for snowmobiles, trucks, cars, off road vehicles and anything that needs oil.  One of there main advertisments is a group of girls that walk around snowmobiling events wearing tight clothing that has Amsoil written on there shirts.  Another well known company that tries this technique is Monster Energy.  They also have a group of girls that walk around wearing pratically nothing in 20 degree weather with Monster stamped on there clothes.  So next time you see an ad, buy the product for the product and not the model trying to sell the product.

Matt Zangl