I’ve been paying more attention to commercials lately and today, I was watching t.v. and a Tide detergent commercial came on, and this mother was talking about how her daughter only likes to wear cargo pants and hoodies, and how her daughter doesn’t like pink.  They advertise Tide when the mom talks about how her daughter had crayons in her pocket and she thought her clothes were ruined, but with Tide the stains came out.  Then she says to her daughter, “Is that another car garage, it’s beautiful honey.” In a strained voice, like it hurt her to say that to her child, while she herself is in a frilly skirt and pink top.  This commercial, I thought was extremely offensive.  Who decided that girls can’t like cargo shorts and hoodies, or like to play with wooden blocks and build something?  I wore cargo shorts and athletic pants until I was eleven.  I hated jeans, skirts, and dresses.  I also played basketball, and ran around outside with my brother all day, there is nothing wrong with that.  This commercial just irks me to no end!  I cannot stand the message that is sending out to everyone that sees it.  Why would society want to deliver such a sexist view of anything?  It tells people that girls are supposed to want to be dressed up and look pretty play with dolls and bake and that boys are rough and tough and get dirty.
I also saw a State Farm commercial, and it just characterized the man and the women into stereotypical roles of their sex.  The woman was nagging the boyfriend and complaining, while he just stood there frustrated.  Then after they sang the State Farm jingle they asked for new boyfriends and girlfriends.  They could have changed to different people, or had different personalities, but nope.  The man had no shirt and a six pack, and the women had on heels and shorts, in tank top with her hair done up.  Frankly I think this exploits both men and women and I think that it’s a skewed view to advertise to people.  I understand that the commercial is supposed to be funny and that it isn’t supposed to mean any harm, but I think it does.  It gives off the impression sublimely of how a man and women she interact, and how they should look.
How about all the “unmanly” Miller beer commercials; what’s with all of those?  It’s unmanly to be afraid of a rollercoaster or to be wearing skinny jeans.  Obviously to the marketers of Miller Lite it is.  To me, those commercials say two things.  One, “men have to be men” and do things that men are “supposed” to do according to society; two, men are the only people who drink beer.  I know plenty of women who enjoy a cold beer.  I also don’t think that men can’t be afraid of rollercoasters.  They are scary contraptions and if a man wants to wear tight jeans, who is anyone to judge what he wears.  I think these commercials set a bad example for men to want to obtain to be.  These commercials are portraying stereotypical gender roles of men.  I don’t think that they are funny at all, and I don’t enjoy them.

Janell Alston