My roommate wanted to watch all the Twilight movies because she has never seemed them, and she commented on the objectification of men in New Moon.  My roommate is a feminist and brought up the idea of women being objectified.  Some other people that live in my dorm stopped in and joined in on our conversation.  After a night of talking, I feel my friends are complacent with the place of women in society and they don’t have many complaints except they think that men objectify women in most situations.  This really got me thinking about how women are viewed in the media.
That in TV for example women are portrayed as sexual beings and look pretty.  That they are a supporting role to the male roles and if a show is has a leading role be a woman, she is a super strong independent woman, who isn’t effected by anything in their surroundings.  Or that in movies women are damsels in distress and need saving or help from something.  That women and in magazines and advertising are dressed in skimpy clothes or laying in a seductive position to get a man attention because a man wouldn’t pay attention to the commercial if it were just a women in a turtle neck sitting down.  Overall that women are nothing more than a beautiful sexual person.  I think women objectify themselves.  First and foremost if a women is in any commercial, tv show, or movie and didn’t say no to doing something objectifies herself, then it’s her fault and her fault alone.  No one is forcing women to do this.  Secondly women are directors of movies or screenplay writers for tv shows.  So to say that men objectify women is incorrect, because women objectify themselves.
Let’s just look at music.  Men use women in their videos in bikinis to lounge around and look pretty.  Women will wear next to nothing and dance provocatively.  People get upset about his and think that rap music is so awful because it’s broadcasts women in a negative way.  What about the women who do it to themselves.  I love Beyonce, but she has on a leotard in multiple videos of hers, at her concerts she wears leotards as well.  She has her hair done up big and elaborate makeup as she struts around in a leotard and heels.  Her single ladies video; it’s simply 3 women dancing provocatively in a room in no clothing.  Britney Spears and the Spice Girls, when I was young I thought that I would be just like those artists.  I remember throwing a fit because I couldn’t have Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time outfit for Halloween.  I think about it now, and these women just put themselves out there and sex symbols.  Not saying that women need to dress conservatively, but a little clothing is nice.  Rarely do you see men in a music video running about half dressed.  It just doesn’t happen.
Personally I think that women play into being objectified.   They don’t take steps to prevent it and it gives a negative connotation to how women should act.  This just sets up how the gender role for women and how they should act because of how they are perceived to the public eye.  Society complains that women are viewed sexually, but no one takes the steps to change it.

Janell Alston