Reality tv is a huge business for any television station.  It seems that anyone and everyone can get a reality show these days and become rich and famous.  Yet when it you look at the people who are in reality tv, I think a good majority of them and seemingly attractive people.  No one wants to see ugly rich people every time they turn on their tv.  Take example the Kardashians; most ridiculous family on television, but they are all beautiful.  I don’t think that these women have much to offer young women to aspire to be.  They talk about getting, having breast implants, being skinny, and what magazine they are going to be in next.  They don’t want to go in public or be on camera without makeup.  The message being delivered to girls who watch the Kardashians are that you have to be a certain way to be acceptable.
The show the Bachelor or Bachelorette, how about that show?  A woman can’t be complete without her man and vice versa for men?  It’s not bad to have a show where people want to find a significant other, but there are two problems with this show.  One the people who are chosen to be on the show are attractive and secondly all the couples are heterosexual.  Understandably that the network, ABC, doesn’t want to chance there ratings of one of their most precious shows and they don’t want to create conflict, but between 21 seasons of these shows, not once has there been a gay or lesbian couple.  ABC probably doesn’t want to jeopardize such a high rating show and deal with the back lash from society about having an entire season with a non-heterosexual couple.  I think it’s time to move forward.
I do give ABC credit for having Chaz Bono on their show Dancing With The Stars.  He is a transgendered man and ABC probably knew that it would create controversy, but they signed to have him on their show anyways.  I know that my grandma wouldn’t watch the show because of Chaz and Dancing With The Stars probably had a sizeable viewer drop, but I give ABC credit.  People question why ABC would put Chaz on their show and think that it’s some bad message being sent out to the world.  That it’s going to give people the wrong idea.  I completely disagree!  What is they wrong idea?  Isn’t it a great message that people can do things for themselves that is entirely life changing and makes them be the best they can be?  Celebrities are celebrities because people in the world are fascinated with them and people want to know about their lives.   People look up to celebrities.  So isn’t in empowering if you’re uncomfortable in you’re skin to know that it’s okay and that you’re not alone?  Even celebrities change their gender.  Personally I think that it’s an amazing thing because people are so judgmental and have so many preconceived notions about everything and everybody.  People are so set in their own way of thinking that they can’t accept anyone else for being themselves.  It’s amazing that ABC put Chaz Bono on their show.


Janell Alston